is A superpower 

Life isn't about finding your way, it's about creating it. 

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 we are all 

Creativity is the ability to rise above traditional ideas, patterns or relationships in order to create something new and meaningful. 

 Creativity is NOt making art.  

It's a tool to help you consider alternative perspectives, experiment with new ideas and better deal with uncertainty and challenges across all areas of your life.

 creativity is a superpower we are all born with. 

We are all creative beings. It's in our nature. The key is re-learning how to access and use it as your own superpower.


Hi, I'm Brooke.

 i'm a creative amplifier 

I'm a creative entrepreneur, designer, artist and coach dedicated to bringing creative ideas to life.

The questions "where are you from" or "what do you do" have always been tricky for me to answer. Born in California, raised in Thailand, educated in the UK and the US, and currently living in the South of Spain, I've never fit into a box.

Some called me bold, some called me lucky and some called me a Manifesting Generator.  Regardless of how others define me, I define myself as a Creative Amplifier committed to harnessing creativity to expand health, wealth and relationships.

If I can do it for my life and businesses, so can you.


past CLIENTS + collaborations

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 in action 

My superpower is in blending creativity, strategy and design to turn ideas into reality. 

As a marketing + brand + design professional, and the founder of I Know A Gal Creative, I create digital products and experiences for entrepreneurs, non-profits, teachers, coaches and passion projects. #designthinking #growthhacking #webdesigner

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach + Therapeutic Art Coach, and the founder of Creativity For Wellness, I help people heal themselves through creativity, nutrition, relationships, and lifestyle choices. #mindbodyspirit #arttherapy

As a professional artist, and creator of Brooke Estin Art I use creative arts to express and process experiences in order to reflect, heal, learn and grow. #artist #creative

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 design a website you're proud to share 

brand + website

Bring your creativity to your business or project as you learn how to design your visual brand, create your website, set up automated email and create resonate marketing materials.

#branding #strategy #webdesign #marketing

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 coach + facilitator 

Whether you are focused on improving the state of your health, relationships or career, creativity is like a superfood that can nourish every aspect of life. 


With a blend of Integrative Health Coaching, Therapeutic Arts, and lifestyle design, you can learn to activate your creativity to create a personal lifestyle that incorporates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of what makes you thrive.

#mindbodyspirit #holisticliving

Creativity for Wellness

Certified Integrative Health Coach from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and Certified Therapeutics Art Coach from Transformation Academy. 


 professional artist 

As an artist and a therapeutic art coach, I am trained on how to use creativity to express and process experiences in order to heal, reduce stress and grow. 

As a painter, ​I am primarily inspired by the female body, scenes from growing up in Southeast Asia and the complexities of romantic relationships. I use abstract, yet familiar images with high intensity colors to create emotional resonance. My work has had exibitions in Asia, europe and the United States.

#arttherapy #selfexpression




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 what people say 


Merry Richer
Director of Communications, Singularity University

Brooke (whom I've nicknamed "Sunshine") brings passion, optimism, and camaraderie to her work and communication. She is an extremely thorough, self-directed, well-organized and highly creative person with an incredibly diverse skillset.


Ashley Wilson
Founder + Director, Olivine Marketing

Brooke is smart, passionate, and particularly skilled at looking beneath the surface to understand "why" something is being done, rather than just accepting the status quo. 


Marie Haller

Education Director, Impact Hub Bay Area

Brooke was always a professional, effective, and engaging teacher, and it showed - all of her classes were full. I highly recommend Brooke as a teacher, consultant and colleague who brings thorough, creative and excellent results.


Kate Michi Ettinger
Director of Strategic Research & Design

Brooke translates complex concepts into accessible visual design to accentuate salient points. Brooke is responsive, reliable, and a delight to work with. I highly recommend her services!


Leila Makarechi
Chief Operating Officer &
Executive VP of Programs

It was a pleasure to work with her! Brooke has a natural gift for communicating complex ideas in a visually pleasing and clear manner. She was one of the best experts I've ever worked with!


Felipe Kasinsky

Managing Director, GoBox

Working with Brooke was an eye opening experience to how passion can drive excellent results. I hope to work with her again in the near future!



Each person and project is unique. 

I'm equal parts brand marketing strategist, creative artist and coach. One of my superpowers is that I’m able to move fluidly through the high-level abstract and the in-the-weeds tangible. I love helping people who are struggling to find the clarity and momentum needed to bring their visions to life.

Let's talk and see how we can bring your vision to life.