is your superpower

Learn to use it to create a lifestyle and livelihood you truly love. 

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 we are all 

Creativity is the ability to rise above traditional ideas, patterns or relationships in order to create something new and meaningful. 

 Creativity is NOt making art.  

It's a tool to help you consider alternative perspectives, experiment with new ideas and better deal with uncertainty and challenges across all areas of your life.


We are all creative beings. It's in our nature. The key is re-learning how to access and use it as your own superpower.



 the art of lost & found 

The Art of Lost and Found is a podcast that explores creative recovery and transformation.

The core idea is simple: Every one of us is creative, even if we don’t know how to access it. It's in our nature. The key is re-learning how to access and use it as your own superpower.

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 free resources 


 FREE ebook 


Therapeutic Arts exercises to help you overcome creative blocks, process emotions, improve health, and have fun doing it.


 30 MIN class 


Learn how to bring creativity into every aspect of your life - even if you have no skills. Creativity happens small act at a time. 


Hi, I'm Brooke.

 i'm a creative amplifier 

I'm an artist, designer, strategist and coach dedicated to bringing creative ideas to life.

The questions "where are you from?" or "what do you do?" have always been tricky for me to answer. Born in California, raised in Thailand, educated in the UK and the US, and currently living in the South of Spain, I've never fit into a box. 

I've developed marketing strategies for small businesses in Nepal, gave a TED talk in Thailand, built websites for entrepreneurs across the US and Europe, hosted Design Thinking workshops in Spain and San Francisco, had my original paintings exhibited in Europe, Asia and the United States, and I've interviewed Fortune 100 CEOs in Silicon Valley and appeared in an award winning documentary.

I am not defined by just one thing. And I bet you aren't either. 

Regardless of how others define me, I identify as a Creative Amplifier committed to using creativity as a tool for discovery, reinvention and ​growth.

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Image by Olga Thelavart

 let's create together 

you're in the right place.

If you're longing for a sense of freedom, connection, alignment and vitality, then



Part vision planning, part goal setting and part design, we will create a clear and actionable path towards your goals.

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1:1 coaching support for your creative project, business and lifestyle. Includes calls, supportive resources and accountability.

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Whether you need a brand, website or funnel, my agency is your one-stop-shop for your design + marketing needs.

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Brooke is basically the most likable person ever - smart, fun, expressive, entertaining, deep, and loves to shower people with generosity and insight.

She is a hyper-intelligent, creative, and strategic thinker with a mind like a vault of super impactful knowledge and experience. 

People connect with her instantly and stay connected because of her brilliant mind and big heart. She is trustworthy, creative, strategic, motivational and her ability to learn and adapt to the situation at hand is remarkable.

She see all angles of a problem, is data-driven and has a unique ability to see the big picture and how all the pieces come together.




Paintings soothe the soul and help us reflect on our lives.

When I was a child, my mom helped me discover the power of art therapy. I've used it my whole life and eventually became a Therapeutic Art Coach to help others do the same.  

My original paintings have been shown in exhibitions in Asia, Europe and the US.

Image by Annie Spratt

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Each person and project is unique.  Let's explore what is most important to you and how I can be of service.

Have an idea for a project, collaboration, workshop, event or retreat? You never know what kind of magic we can create when we explore the art of the possible...

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