Image by Kyle Cottrell

episode 11:

a podcast on creative recovery and transformation

episode 11



Our guest today is Molly Elizabeth, a professional artist, imagination doula and founder of The Darling Revolution. She helps creatives come home to themselves so they can imagine & birth a better world.

As a Creative Professional, Molly has daily studio practice where she makes mesmerizing abstract expressionist art. She primarily works with acrylic paints, blacklight reflective pigments, collage or any other materials she can get her hands on. She also hosts a creativity focused podcast, also called The Darling Revolution, which dives into creativity, emotional literacy and finding your voice.

She believes that often, we are conditioned to stay quiet, stay small, not make too much of a fuss, and stop trusting our desires and imagination. If we can have a safe space to come home to these parts of ourselves, we can find the inner power source that we need to revolutionize our world. 

But Molly wasn’t always the colorful, provocative, out-spoken creative doula she is today.  Molly grew up within a very conservative evangelical family and community, where she married young, had kids and eventually rose all the way to becoming a worship leader within her evangelical church community. 

Then, she experienced a deep loss that shook her faith in everything she had known.  She began to question her faith and the deeper she got, the more disconnected she became from what she had known.

On the podcast today, she shares her story, how had to lose everything in order to discover her truest self and how she uses her creative practices and communities to maintain the connection with herself and those around her. 



  • Value and power of creativity

  • Finding yourself in the midst of loss​

  • Grief for the loss of a loved one and how it led her to question her faith

  • Losing her faith in the Evangelical notion of God

  • Learning to forgive, rebuild trust and create a new version of community

  • and so much more!