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episode 12:
Hanna Ruddies

a podcast on creative recovery and transformation

episode 12



The guest on today’s show is Hanna Ruddies, an incredible healer, guide, coach and facilitator. Hanna spends her days guiding women through Feminine Embodiment, Ancestral Clearing, Female Sexuality & Womb Wisdom.

When Hanna was younger, she had endless bladder infections, was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), experienced sever pain with sex and masterbation, and had all but given up on healing. But instead of giving up on her healing, she decided to explore a different kind of healing journey and booked a spontaneous trip to Thailand for an intensive shamanism and tantra retreat that changed just about every aspect of her life. She discovered the connections between her illnesses and her deep traumas that went all the way back through her family lineage.  The deeper she went, the more she discovered. 


Hanna says the Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic path opened her heart, body, soul and re-connected her with the divine feminine, which opened up new relationship dimensions across all elements of her life.

Originally from Germany, and currently living in Portugal, Hanna now spends her time helping women reconnect with their bodies by learning to see the beauty, grace, power and purpose in all of life’s challenges, joys and changes. 


  • How the soul speaks through the body

  • Why the "womb space" is the center of all creative energy

  • Sexual energy as a tool for healing, transformation and connection

  • Daily rituals and practices to cultivate essential energy

  • and so much more