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episode 3:


a podcast on creative recovery and transformation

episode 3




Ashley is a marketer who has spent the last decade working in the San Francisco tech industry. In 2016, she founded Olivine Marketing, a boutique product marketing agency. Olivine has since evolved into a collective of product marketers and creatives, as well as a full-scale production company that helps global SaaS companies tell their story better through cinematic videos, product marketing strategy and sales.


Before starting Olivine, Ashley worked as a marketing consultant for developer-focused tech startups, which is how our paths crossed. As Ashley and I grew closer, she shared more about her creative journey which even included attending a performing arts high school, learning to play the jazz piano and launching her professional singing career.

In this episode we discuss her creative journey and how she manages to balance her tech marketing entrepreneurial life with her growing singing career as a performing artist.



[00:01:29] Backstory on Ashley

[00:04:30] What creativity and identifying as a creative means

[00:06:29] Creativity is an ongoing practice

[00:08:34] How Ashley’s creativity surfaced

[00:12:09] Putting limits on yourself

[00:14:04] Making the transition into Silicon Valley

[00:20:53] Confronting yourself and reflecting

[00:25:21] Reaching the breaking point in tech marketing

[00:28:12] The Artist's Way

[00:29:09] Diving into the source of fear

[00:32:50] Showing your authentic self

[00:34:27] Moving through the disconnect into creativity

[00:43:02] Advice: Things you wish you knew earlier in your journey

[00:46:47] Taking baby steps

[00:50:32] Follow the thread, have fun and explore

[00:51:48] Working through imposter syndrome

[00:54:03] Getting back in alignment with your body