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episode 5:


a podcast on creative recovery and transformation

episode 5

Brooke Estin



Today’s episode is the first solo mini-episode of the show! On today's episode, I go over the pattern that I am starting to see after having done 20+ interviews with all types of creatives. What is starting to emerge is a pattern similar to Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey  or Maureen Murdock's The Heroine's Journey, but with some key differences.  I refer to it as The Creative's Journey.

During the first half of of the episode, I walk you step-by-step through the framework that is starting to crystalize.  Then, for the second half of the podcast, I go into my own personal Creative Journey as I map my own experience onto the framework. 


My story begins with  a story from age 5 when I first learned about the power of my own imagination and how I've used my imagination to reframe difficult situations that allow me to shift my perspective and rise to the challenge of reinvention after a crisis. 


  • Why being creative isn't about making art

  • Creative Recovery is an act of reclaiming your freedom by shedding limiting beliefs 

  • The Creative's Journey emerging framework everyone goes through

  • How reframes, reinventions and perspective shifts is key to resilience

  • My personal story of disconnection, loss, realignment and reinvention

  • How I went from the tech startups of Silicon Valley to my own creative business in southern Spain

  • Filling the space between Creative Business Growth and Creative Lifestyle Design