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episode 6:

Corey johnson

a podcast on creative recovery and transformation

episode 6

corey johnson (aka corey iris)



Today on The Art of Lost and Found, our guest speaker is Corey Johnson. Corey is an internationally recognized brand strategist and brand identity designer and the co-founder of Viral Impact Studios, which he created with Prince EA (the spoken word artist and global phenomenon of an influencer with millions of followers).


In addition to his brand and consulting work, he also is a recording artist under the stage name Corey Iris. His music sounds like a cross between The Weeknd and Drake, but with his own personal flavor that makes it uniquely his own. 


In this episode, Corey shares deeply personal experiences about his childhood and what led them into entrepreneurship and how a near-death experience at a Drake concert helped him to refocus on what matters and his exciting predictions about a more vibrant, diverse, and multifaceted future of the creative space.



  • [05:46] Corey’s Background

  • [10:55] Concept of Creativity 

  • [15:29] Start of Corey’s Creativity

  • [21:10] Childhood Creativity

  • [22:10] Businessman Thinking

  • [26:41] Creativity is a tool to make money

  • [32:33] Working hard to make on top

  • [35:30] Incident in Drake’s Concert

  • [44:40] Start reflecting in Life

  • [46:24] Manifesting Life

  • [47:50] Understanding your Life Identity

  • [50:58] Balancing Creativity and Business

  • [53:06] Recover and Reorient

  • [55:07] Continuous growing

  • [56:35] Advice to younger self