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episode 7:


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episode 7




Today on The Art of Lost and Found, our guest speaker is Sophie Lloyd.  Sophie Lloyd is a professionally trained Dancer, Yoga Teacher, Poet, and Creative Writer who I had the good fortune of meeting at a deeply intimate and nourishing women's retreat in Portugal.

In our conversation, Sophie shares her engaging backstory as a creative professional, narrating how creativity has always been a part of her life. We learn how she found her way forward, channeling her creative energy into writing and eventually becoming a published writer.

Sophie trained in dance all her life and went on to become a professional dancer when most people go to university. Investing so much in her dance career helped her evolve as an artist and taught her to stay focused. Coming from a family of professionals working in the creative space, Sophie was familiar with the uncertainty that came with the profession.
Today, she opens up about her journey as a dancer, yoga teacher, and creative writer. Sophie shares her experience getting deeper into her body through her yoga practice to make it a part of her life. We also discuss the challenges faced by creative professionals amid the #COVID19 lockdown worldwide and how to overcome them.
As someone who enjoys making people smile through her writing, Sophie resorts to humor to help transform her thinking in the most tiring of times. "This whole, this structure of life that we're living in, it's all a bit silly, isn't it? Don't take it too seriously."



  • [01:19] Who is Sophie Lloyd?

  • [3:03] Is creativity always expressive?

  • [5:08] When Sophie started dancing.

  • [06:14] Were Sophie’s parents supportive?

  • [07:54] Why being driven by external validation is a trap and why loving the process is so important. 

  • [11:05] How COVID pushed us to have an unhealthy relationship with creativity.

  • [12:46] Inviting creativity through wellbeing practices.

  • [15:36] The restrictive cultural LIES we are told about creativity. 

  • [17:16] Finding creative expression.

  • [20:48] Navigating impostor syndrome

  • [22:43] What happens when your creativity is suppressed.

  • [24:00] The gifts you get when you find creative expression.

  • [26:16] What COVID-19 made us reevaluate.

  • [28:37] Working without a structure.

  • [31:20] Having a dialogue with characters who make up who you are.

  • [33:32] How the pandemic proved that our old systems do not work. 

  • [35:16] One thing Sophie would tell you and her younger self. 

  • [36:33] Connecting with Sophie (and a beautiful reading!)