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episode 8:


a podcast on creative recovery and transformation

episode 8

Nicolette Ghariadeh



Today on The Art of Lost and Found, our guest speaker is Nicolette Ghariadeh. Nicolette is a Feminine Embodiment & Intimacy Coach and serves as a powerful guide for women on their healing journeys. 


What started out as an exploration of her own healing journey quickly evolved into full on creative transformation. After spending 7 years working in the adult entertainment industry as a stripper, she became increasingly aware of the parts of herself she was learning to heal and made bold decisions to shift her entire life to align with the true self she was uncovering. 


Now, Nicolette is working full time as a women’s coach offering private 1:1 coaching and is currently working on developing a guided group program that covers feminine healing topics such as self-love, sensuality, relationships & intimacy and feminine expression.



  • [4:00] Our connection in Italy at a women’s retreat hosted by Rachel Rossitto

  • [5:00] Childhood Creativity and Twin Sister Comparisons

  • [6:15] Creative Expression Fears and “Not Being Good Enough”

  • [14:00] Embodiment as a Tool for Creativity

  • [14:30] The self-abandoning that led her to become a stripper for 7 years

  • [16:30] The Purpose in the Pain

  • [17:15] Meditation As Creative Attunement

  • [20:00] Learning To Forgive her Father

  • [22:05] Her Healing Journey through Spiritual Practices and Embodiment

  • [26:00] From Stripping to Female Embodiment Coaching

  • [31:00] The Art of the Sacred Tantra Lap Dance

  • [32:20] How a Woman Can Seduce Herself

  • [33:40] Masculine & Feminine Energy Work

  • [41:00] Tools for the Healing Process

  • [43:02 ] Higher Love and Conscious Relationships 

  • [46:05] Words of Wisdom