The secret sauce your wellness journey is missing

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

"Wellness" has become one of the most important buzzwords of the decade. But what does it mean? And what does it require?

Understanding Wellness

Wellness is a dynamic concept that encompasses many areas of life, including the physical, emotional, occupational, spiritual, environmental, financial, social and intellectual aspects of your life.

The idea behind wellness is that each of these areas are connected to the others and optimum wellness can happen when all these areas of your life are in harmony. Wellness is an approach to healing and growing the whole person in a multi-dimensional way — body, mind, spirit, emotions — as the individual designs and pursues their best life.

The idea here is that if there is an imbalance in any area of your life, it has the potential to negatively affect your overall health. That’s why things like your physical health and your mental health are connected and both have a relationship with your work and social environment.

So what's the missing secret ingredient to take your wellness to the next level?

Infuse creativity into each area of your life.

Creativity For Wellness


Taking care of your physical body is usually the first association people have when they hear “wellness”. This is all about your diet, exercise, physical movement, sleep as well as any supplements or medications you take.

IDEA: Dancing around your apartment, going for an urban hike or having a playdate with your lover can be a creative alternative to traditional forms of exercise.


Also known as mental wellness, this is about your emotions and feelings and how you handle stress. This area of wellness focuses on how you feel, how you process your emotions, and what impact that has on your level of happiness, presence and ability to deal with change.

It’s key to focus on techniques for self-care, stress-reduction and relaxation so that you can use your experiences as opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.

IDEA: Consider using therapeutic art for emotional processing.


You can eat all the kale and broccoli in the world, but if you hate your job, you can’t fully embrace wellness. We spend so much of our lives at work or thinking about our careers that when this area is off track, it dramatically impacts all the others of our lives.

Being in a state of occupational wellness allows you to own and enjoy your contributions and endeavors. It gives you a sense of purpose, mastery and autonomy as you feel personally satisfied and enriched through your work.

Whether you are committed to a 9–5 or if you want to design your own nomadic lifestyle, the creative possibilities are endless.

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