Acrylic on Canvas

50 x 70 cm


This piece is about the conflict, disconnect, and pain that I experienced when someone close to me ghosted on me. It signifies the end of a really important relationship that had been a special defining relationship for me through my adolescence and into adulthood.


While this person told me she was trying to figure out what her boundaries were, the reality that I experienced was a total blackout marked only by the withholding love and a constant deep sadness and hurt, with a bit of anger around what felt like a total betrayal of our relationship.


It took a lot of work to let her go. To release the need to any particular outcome. The white space in this piece represents the cleansing purity of possibility. When one relationship (or piece of your identity) ends, it creates space for new possibilities to emerge.


My capacity to endure pain and still love them unconditionally, as well as believe something that a phoenix will rise from this showed me my resilience in a profound way.


The growth and gratitude experienced from this conflict is a gift from the universe that has better equipped me to wholeheartedly show up in the fullness of love as I continue my journey... without her.

Blackout Boundary

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