I'm a Creative Amplifier

My superpower is in blending creativity, strategy and design to turn ideas into reality. 



As a marketing + brand + design professional, and the founder of I Know A Gal Creative, I create digital products and experiences forentrepreneurs non-profits, teachers, coaches and social impact projects. 

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As a holistic health + therapeutic art coach, and the founder of Creativity For Wellness, I help people heal themselves through creativity, nutrition, relationships, and lifestyle choices. #mindbodyspirit #arttherapy

As a professional artist, and creator of Brooke Estin Art am use creative arts to express and process experiences in order to reflect, heal, learn and grow. #artist #feelthefeels

As a women's community and product designer, and the co-creator of the Awaken Institute, I help women do personal growth work in a supportive community of other women around the world. 

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brand + websites + marketing + DESIGN

​I founded I Know A Gal in order to help refine, beautify and grow businesses that are committed to doing good in the world. 

Services include: 

  • logo design

  • strategic planning

  • brand creation (or rebrand)

  • website design and creation

  • digital + print marketing assets

  • ebook + PDF design

  • conversion strategy

  • UX / UI design


My coaching methodology activates your creativity to nourish your health, work and relationships.  We use the creative process to unlock the power of their mind, release limiting beliefs, break destructive habits, process emotions and thrive.

Using a blend of holistic health coaching, therapeutic art practices and lifestyle design, I help guide clients on how to create a deep sense of fulfillment and well-being across all aspects of life.

Creativity for Wellness

professional artist

Primarily inspired by the female body, scenes from growing up in Southeast Asia and the complexities of human relationships, I use abstract, yet familiar images in a dash of high intensity colors to emotionally engage the viewer.

You can find original art, prints, products and creativity coaching on my website below.


Each person and project is unique. 

I'm equal parts brand marketing strategist, creative artist and coach. One of my superpowers is that I’m able to move fluidly through the high-level abstract and the in-the-weeds tangible. I love helping people who are struggling to find the clarity and momentum needed to bring their visions to life.

Let's talk and see how we can bring your vision to life.