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about the podcast

art of lost & found

a podcast on creative recovery and transformation

The core idea is simple: Every one of us is creative, even if we don’t know how to access it. It's in our nature. The key is re-learning how to access and use it as your own superpower.

If you’re an aspiring or blocked creative, then join Creative Amplifier, Brooke Estin on a creative journey to explore stories and uncover insights, resources and tools to help you align your most creative, purposeful life.


Episode 1: Diem Truong-Nguyen

Overcoming First Generation American Pressure and Finding Self-Love in Tattoo

Episode 2: Michael Kass

Episode 2: Transformative Creativity Through The Timeless Art of Storytelling

Episode 3: Ashley Wilson

The Road from Silicon Valley Tech Marketing to Singing in the Jazz Clubs