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 let's Get Creative 

what do you truly need?


You've got your vision, you just aren't sure the milestones and could really use a co-pilot.

You've got your idea in the works and your vision is clear. But you aren't sure how best to reach your target audience at scale or what systems you need to make this happen smoothly. 

Whether it's building and scaling your brand, automating your customer journey, launching a campaign or making a business pivot, a solid strategy is your north star. 



You want a brand and website that makes you proud.

Taking the next step in growing your business can feel overwhelming. And while creating a professional looking brand, having an elegant and easy-to-use website and doing consistent marketing can be intimidating at first, it doesn't have to be. 

Whether you are launching your very first business or you're doing a much needed pivot or rebrand,  my role is to help you express, embody and grow in a way that feels authentic, beautifully designed and supportive to your growth style. 



You're out of alignment and off balance and you know it, but you're not quite sure what it is and how to make a shift.

As your coach, I offer emotional support, practical resources and accountability to help you develop a lifestyle that truly nourishes you.

You set the goals and pace and I help you achieve them.

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You want to bring more beauty and inspiration into your space with original art.

Painting will forever be my first love. Having experienced the benefits of art therapy vey young, it's been a constant in my life. 

My store includes original paintings, canvas prints, products (such a iphone and laptop cases) and more. 

Abstract Shapes
Finding your creative self is a journey and you'll need some tools along the way.  Check out this library of free resources.